Day 1:
     08.00-08.20 Start from meeting point
     08.20-11.45 journey to Wonosobo city.
     11.45-13.00 upon arrival at Wonosobo, take a break and have lunch
     13:00 to 14:00 visiting Gardu Pandang (Viewing post)
     14.00-15.00 visiting the giant Jalatunda well
     15.00-16.00 Visiting Silery Crater
     16.00-17.00 Visiting Merdada lake by walking through the hills.
     17.00-21.00 check in then dinner
     21.00-07.00 Back to Hotel, rest (free program)
     Day 2 :
     07.00-08.20 Breakfast, then continue tour Dieng zone 1
     08.20-09.30 Arjuna Dieng Temple Complex Tour
     09.30-10.30 Tour Sikidang Crater
     10.30-13.20 Tour of the Color Lake and Batu pandang (Stone of View)
     13.20-14.00 Rest, lunch
     14.00-16.00 Menjer Lake Tour and tea plantation.
     16.00-19.00 Back to Hotel, rest
     19.00-03.00 Dinner, then rest until 03.00 am.

     Day 3 :
     03.00-07.30 Sikunir sunrise and Cebong Lake
     07.30-11.00 Breakfast and rest
     11 am-14pm Check out, shopping and culinary tours.
     2 pm-6pm Return trip, tour is over


 Things to Do

  •      Down the Dieng valley and enjoy the natural landscape of the mountains.
  •      Seeing agricultural activities in the form of potato plants and various types of vegetables.
  •      Explore the history of past civilization in the form of ancient relics in Dieng.
  •      Watch closely the activity of Sikidang Crater.
  •      Capture two popular lakes from the best spots.
  •      Feel the new atmosphere in Wonosobo City with cool air.
  •      Enjoy the beauty of the golden sunrise at the peak of Sikunir and the sensation of the country above the clouds.
  •      Visit the famous lake at Dieng Plateau.
  •      Relax on the tea plantation located at the foot of the mountain.
  •      Tasting Dieng-Wonosobo's unique culinary specialties.

  •      Tieng View Center
  •      Arjuna Dieng Temple
  •      Sikidang Crater
  •      Dieng Plateau Thetare
  •      Telaga Warna & Pengilon
  •      Sunrise Sikunir
  •      Telaga Cebong
  •      Lake Menjer
  •      Tambi Tea Plantation
  •      Batu Pandang (Viewing stone)

Facilities :

  •     Private tour service
  •     Transportation
  •     Driver & fuel
  •     Tour guide at Dieng
  •     Meal
  •     Entrance ticket
  •     Stay 1 night at Homestay